Judging Panel Process

The Awards are broken down into three rounds. These are explained in greater detail below. The first round deal with how clients view your business. The second round is based upon the supporting evidence you submit.


First Round Shortlisting

The account managers are asked to read through all the reviews on your social media page or website. We are looking for good star ratings by your customers, good reviews and mainly what clients really have to say about your business that the salon or spa is working seamlessly with the services and environment to create a customer experience that is second to none from the moment clients arrive until the time they leave. We may also send out mystery clients who will book in for a service with yourselves and feed back to us. They will never book and not show etc. We will shortlist the businesses with the most positive reviews.

Second Round Judging

All entrants will receive an email or call detailing whether or not they have made the shortlist. At this stage each finalist will need to start working on a portfolio for their business as supporting evidence. The judges may do mystery calls to the salon/business to pick up on their customer care skills. The portfolio of supporting evidence will help the judges select their winners.

Supporting evidence forms contain questions set by judges to aid them mark against the set criteria for a category. Each category as different judges but most criteria stay the same, unless category specific. Judges are looking at innovation and determination, passion and professionalism, skills and focus, client retention and reviews (either included within the portfolio or online), understanding of market, trends and customer service.  Please see below for a breakdown of the criteria This is paired with category specific criteria such as awards, accolades, training and competence. Judges are also reminded to consider each portfolios merits including and excluding external factors such as public reviews since sometimes these can be biased with false or fake negative reviews and feedback. No discrimination is put against a business based on its established or trading age. The judging process is conducted fairly and based up to 95% on supporting evidence submitted before the deadline date. Evidence submitted late or not at all will not be considered. 

General Judging Criteria

Motivation and Determination The judges are looking for a winner showcases their determination and motivation to make a dream into reality. They have highlighted obstacles they have overcome and how they have solved any problems that have arose during their work. They will have a clear and developed vision of their business.
Passion and Focus The judges are looking for the passion and focus of the individual or business. This can be evidenced by development of the business or services offered. Future plans for the business or expanse of the business.
Professionalism and Skills The ability to showcase skills and professionalism will be assessed via the supporting evidence forms and online presence. Judges will be looking for evidence of continual professional development via up-skilling, going on courses, researching new courses and trends. They will also look at the presentation of the individual or business online.
Client Retention, Customer Service and Reviews The judges will be looking for proven client retention and satisfaction. This can be showcased in numerous ways such as full columns, closed columns, or booking appointments days, weeks or months in advance, or re-booking/loyal clients. The judges will also accept client testimonials attached to the evidence but prefer reviews/testimonials either from the public domain (social media etc.) or from booking software. Entrants are also encouraged to discuss the little things that they do to make their client journey/visit all the more special. They will show they have built an outstanding reputation with their client basis which ties to the integrity criteria.
Understanding of Market and Trends The judges are looking for a great understanding of market trends and new innovations. This does not necessary mean adding new treatments each time one comes out but rather focusing on what works for the individual and business and clients. They will also show understanding of clients needs and wants, focusing their vision and innovating to continue to provide a top performance for clients.
Impact and Integrity The judges will be looking for a business or individual who shows a high standard of ethical and economic behaviour. Be this by creating jobs in the local community, fund raising, creating safe spaces or sessions, going above and beyond for clients and community. Responsible for their waste and impact on the environment and communities. This will tie to the integrity of the business or individual by how they implement and commit to the above and help the community.

This  list is by no means extensive and each category will also have variations but these are considered for each category.

Third Round Judging 

Judges do not agree on a winner as a group but instead score independently using pre-defined criteria. There will be 5 judges on the panel this year. Judges submit their final scores to the organising team, who then total up all the scores from all the judges. The finalist with the highest collective score wins and is announced as the Winner of The British Hair and Beauty Awards.  We award gold, silver and bronze winners regionally per category. Each Gold Winner has the chance to be the national overall winner of the category. In some cases were regions must be combined or a region is large there may be two or more placements. 

Categories which are sponsored will be judged by one exclusive Judge whom will decide on the winners based on the pre-defined criteria.


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