Shop Terms and Conditions

By purchasing from us you agree to these terms and conditions.

  1. Items purchased in the shop are sold as is.  If you wish to alter something you need to contact the marketing team. This can be done by email or by leaving instructions in the order details box.
  2. Due to the bespoke nature of all items we do not accept returns or offer this service.
  3. If the product fall short of quality standards a partial refund may be issued. Full refunds cannot be given due to the bespoke nature of the products. Each case is assessed individually. Please email
  4. We are not liable for any damage that may befall the items once in your possession or possession of the postage service. Should an item be delayed or lost we will endeavour to help as much as we can. Once the parcels leave our offices responsibility falls to the postal service or courier who is delivering them. In the case of an incident we will work with you to contact the courier/service provider and get the relevant refund and/or the item.
  5. Upon ordering it is your responsibility to ensure you provide us with all relevant information regarding postal addresses and or any changes to the products including text. The category will automatically be edited. Alterations can be made but it must be made clear to the marketing team upon purchase.
  6. Orders placed after 12 noon on a Friday will not be received or dealt with until the following Tuesday in the order they are received.
  7. If an order is placed out of office hours (currently Tuesday to Friday 10am until 4pm) that order will not be completed until next working day. So if an order comes in on Friday at 5.30pm the order will not be received or worked upon until the following Tuesday.
  8. Due to the bespoke nature of the items we estimate the following time frames between placing your order and receiving your item:
    • Trophies – 20 to 30 Working Days
    • Decals – 15 to 20 Working Days
    • Banners – 20  to 30 Working Days
    • Please be aware that ‘Working Days’ refers to our working days Tuesday to Friday and not the ‘standard’ days of Monday to Friday.
  9. By purchasing from us you are agreeing to the above Terms and Conditions.
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